School Finance 201

School Finance 201 was created in August of 2015 in response to district and state-level conversations surrounding the on-going Negative Factor and district budgets.

School Finance 201 contains information about potential budget impacts on K-12 funding and budgets. This information was created to help districts and state education leaders prepare for what may happen with school finance and how it could impact Colorado’s school districts.

(Information on what has actually happened with school finance is available on our School Finance 101 page.)

How School Finance Works– One-page document showing different components of school finance formula in Colorado (February 2021)

Colorado K-12 School Finance Information Packet  (Includes historical overview, CSFP briefing documents, and State Profile highlights and data)  January 2021

School Finance Act of 1994 – Overview of the goals set forth by the legislature and where we are today.  March 2019

  • Goals of the 94 Act. What did the system fund?
  • Where are we today in meeting the 1994 School Finance Goals?  Today’s Education System

Making Sense of the School Finance Landscape (Summer 2015):