ESSER Grant Press Release 3.7.2022

March 7, 2022
Colorado School Finance Project Receives CDE Learning and
Transparency Technical Assistance Grant

DENVER — The Colorado School Finance Project (CSFP) is a recipient of the Colorado
Department of Education’s (CDE) Learning and Transparency Technical Assistance
grant program, funded through the federal Elementary and Secondary School
Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund). CSFP will offer technical services to school
districts and BOCES over the next two and a half years. CSFP will assist Colorado
school districts and BOCES in carrying out the critical role of transparency and
communication with families and communities, continued community engagement, the
use of COVID relief funds, and the impact of those funds on addressing the COVID-related needs.

Through this technical assistance program, CSFP can help school
districts inform their families and communities about the programs being offered and
how those programs are accelerating learning and recovery for their students.
The past two years have been complex and challenging for school districts as they
continuously pivoted to address the ever-evolving health and economic crises. In March
2020, school districts focused on addressing the immediate needs of students and their
communities before they were able to shift to provide stability and manage through the
pandemic. Now school districts are focused on recovery and acceleration of learning for
their students. Through the grant, field managers will work on ensuring all school
districts have the technical assistance and support needed to provide details on the
programs available for students and how to access them. The regional field managers
will provide deeper assistance by conducting workshops and providing district-level
support to help school districts meet their COVID relief fund reporting requirements.
Technical assistance will be offered through a multi-tiered approach with field managers
offering targeted technical service to every school district through workshops and
individual support; a project manager coordinating and reporting every school district’s
COVID relief funding and of how funds were used through a transparent approach
available to the general public; and a team from Augenblick, Palaich & Associates
creating best practices and tools to assist districts in communicating the impacts of the
ESSER strategies.
A kick off meeting will be held in mid-April to announce further details and to launch the
technical assistance services. Click here to be added to a mail list for future
communications about this project.

The Colorado School Finance Project founded in 1995, the Colorado School Finance Project (CSFP) is a non-profit whose mission is to compile, collect, and distribute research-based, non-partisan information and data on topics related to school finance for state and local policymakers.