Average Daily Membership (ADM)

The CSFP, Augenblick, Palaich & Associates and University of Colorado Denver Average Daily Membership report is a result of SB 10-008, which called for a feasibility study of implementing a new student count method for school district funding based on Average Daily Membership (ADM).

Colorado Average Daily Membership (ADM) Study: A Feasibility Study of Alternatives to the October 1 Student Count Method – January 7, 2011

Average Daily Membership Study (powerpoint) presentation to Joint Senate and House Education Committees

Statewide Data System Cost Addendum – February 1, 2011

SB 10-008: Concerning a study to evaluate the feasibility of a system to determine pupil enrollment for purposes of the “Public School Finance Act of 1994” based on the average daily membership in school districts.

ADM meeting December 1, 2010

CDE Request for Proposal – 2010