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Lobato Summary: Lobato v Colorado

Children's Voices: Lobato v State - information and overview

May 2013: Opinion of Colorado Supreme Court, State v Lobato, May 28, 2013.

September 2012: Notice of Appeal by Defendants, Briefs and Amici Curiae Briefs "friend of the court" by Defendants and Plaintiffs.

December 2011: Key Findings in Lobato v. State Trial Court Decision by Children's Voices.

Presentation at the Colorado School Finance Partnership meeting on December 13, 2011: Litigation - Lobato Adequacy/Costing Out Process and Uses, by Children's Voices, CSFP and APA.

Lobato v. State decision in favor of plaintiffs, Children's Voices News Release: Unprecedented Victory for Colorado's Public School Children, read the Judge's ruling here. Skip to the Conclusions of Law here, pages 168 to 183.

November 2011: Lobato Remedy Presentation from November 10, 2011. Remedy Components for Lobato (DRAFT).

September 2011: Lobato et al. (Plaintiffs) v The State of Colorado, et al. (Defendants), closing arguments