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Student Trends: PK-12 Special Student Population Trends

English Language Learners Trends (March 2017 update)

Students Learning English, Data source: CDE.

Free Lunch and Reduced Lunch Trends (March 2017 update)

Free and Reduced Lunch, Data source: CDE

Gifted and Talented Trends (March 2017 update)

GT Students Served and Program Funding, Data source: CDE and JBC Education Budget Briefing, December 2016.

Students receiving Special Education services (March 2017)

Students receiving Special Education services: CDE and JBC Education Budget Briefing, December 2016.

Homeless (March 2017 update)

Colorado's Homeless Student Count 2005-2016. Data Source: CDE Instructional Program Count.

November 2017:

Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness


Dana Scott (CDE) worked with Jennifer Brown from the Denver Post on an article illustrating the impacts of homelessness on students’ lives, including their education. The article also provides information on the McKinney-Vento Act and the educational rights of homeless students.