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Elections - Local Election Mills are "outside" the School Finance Act:

Colorado's Legislative History of Mill Levy Overrides from 1988 - 2017



School District Election Results for 2017: Bond, BEST, Mill Levy Override (MLO), Operational Mill Levy, Full Day Kindergarten MLO, Transportation MLO, Sales Tax.


Final results for 2016 Colorado school district elections

Tax Effort and Fiscal Capacity Report for Colorado School Districts includes Total Program Mills, Bond Mills, Total Override Mills, and Total Mills.

Map of Mill Levy Overrides as of 2016 elections. Map does not include Full-Day Kindergarten, Transportation, Operational, or Technology overrides.

2016 MLO Map


Final results of 2015 District Bond, BEST, Mill Levy Override (MLO), Technology MLO, Authorization to Lease November elections.

Mill Levy Overrides 2015 - Colorado Map

CSFP 2015 MLO Map


2014 Election Results by district (Bond, BEST, Mill Levy Override, City Tax) and Summary of Elections from 2010-2014.

Mill Levy Overrides - Colorado Map


Mill Levy Overrides between 2009-2014 - Between 2009 and 2014, Colorado experienced the Great Recession and the beginnings of an economic recovery. To help balance the state's budget, the Colorado State Legislature first instituted Mid-Year rescissions, and then created the Negative Factor. During this time period 59 of Colorado's 178 districts passed a mill levy override (MLO), while 119 have not. Mill Levy Overrides between 2009-2014 is a one-page overview of the impact of having the capacity/not having the capacity to pass a MLO, the wide variation of how many dollars 1 mill can raise, and the impact to district budgets. An update to this report will be published in January 2016.


Final results of November 2013 school district Bond, BEST, Mill Levy Override, Technology Mill Levy elections.


2012 Capital Construction (Bond, BEST) & General Operations (Mill Levy Override, Local Sales Tax) District Election Results. Overview of the election results.

2012 Local Elections Generate $152M for General Operations
Type Pass Fail Total Passed
General Operations 15 1 $152,453,800
Capital Construction 20 2 $857,362,085


2011 Bond, BEST and Local Mill Levy Override election results.



2010 District Ballot Measure November Results (Bond, Bond/BEST, Mill Override, Cash Flow Gap if Amendment 61 passes).