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Consolidation / Deconsolidation of District Services

October 2017

The Colorado Legislature has discussed school district consolidation / deconsolidation many times. Following is a two page overview and a historical timeline of Colorado's legislation and district actions on district consolidation / deconsolidation.

June 2012 - Video of the Rural Education Challenge panel discussion and forum
May 31, 2012: unique challenges facing rural Colorado school districts with a panel of rural educators.


June 2009 - Exploration of School District Consolidation of Services by the CSFP and Augenblick, Palaich & Associates (APA).


2003: CDE - Manual of Procedures for School Organization Act of 1992 (HB92-1003 - School District Organization and HB96-1012 - simplifying the organization planning process for HB92-1003)


2002: CDE report - Colorado School District Organization October 2002 - History of Colorado school district organization and the 2002 picture.


1996 - HB96-1012 - Legislative Legal Services Digest of Bills for HB96-1012 (pg 50-52) simplifying the organization planning process for HB92-1003


1995: Interim Committee on School District Size, Boundary and Organizational Issues

1992: HB92-1003 - School District Organization - Concerning Changes Relating to the Organization of School Districts - C.R.S. 22-30. See CDE's Manual of Procedure for School Organization Act of 1992 (October 2003)


1990: CDE study - Study of School District Administration and Staffing - Report to General Assembly re: study of school district administration and staffing patterns for the purpose of determining where savings of state and local funds may be realized. Section IV - Case Study of School District Reorganization and Shared Services


Map of Colorado counties and school districts (CDE 2017)
Map of Colorado's 178 school districts (CDE 2017)