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Amendment 23 lawsuit: Dwyer v Colorado

Background Information: Amendment 23 (Funding for Public Schools) voters intended education funding to be a priority.

2000 Voter Bluebook: Amendment 23 (A23) information:

Blue Book A23 Text & Title
Blue Book A23 Description
Additional information, by year, can be found on our School Finance Act/Legislation & Amendment 23 page.

Timeline for School Finance & Education Reform - as of May 2015


September 2015

Dwyer v CO - Colorado Supreme Court Decision


June 2015

Dwyer v CO - oral arguments presented to Colorado Supreme Court June 3, 2015, 15SA22. Link to the one hour video of the oral arguments (pdf of the instructions):

  1. Click on this link, which goes to the Colorado Judicial Branch, Appellate Courts Live Broadcast,
  2. Type Dwyer in the Archived Video search box.
  3. Click on 15SA22, In Dwyer v The State of Colorado
  4. The Dwyer v State of Colorado video will appear.

April 2015

Dwyer v CO - April 22, 2015 - Reply to Plaintiff's Response to Order and Rule to Show Cause (State's reply)- Amendment 23.


March 2015

Dwyer v CO - March 23, 2015 - Response and Amicus Briefs


February 2015

Dwyer Order and Rule to Show Cause - Colorado Supreme Court


August 2014:

July 2014:

June 2014: