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Colorado Public Radio: Half of Colorado School Districts have 4-day weeks. What's the Impact on Students? Superintendent Jan DeLay (Re-1 Valley) speaks with Ryan Warner (Colorado Public Radio), article by Rachel Estabrook (CPR). Link to CSFP map of districts on 4-day weeks - pictured below (as of November 2016):


Column from The Hechinger Report: While The Rest Of The World Invests More In Education The U.S. Spends Less- Years of disinvestment could affect the future U.S. labor force. September 18, 2017

Colorado Public Radio: Colorado's Rural Teachers Are Getting Pinched in the Teacher Salary Game - article by Jenny Brundin, September 14, 2017

Denver Post: Where do schools spend their money? New site gives bare-bones look at finances - July 14, 2017

Colorado Springs Gazette: New state website details Colorado schools' revenue, spending - July 9, 2017

The Coloradoan: 5 things to know about marijuana money and schools. April 13, 2017

The Coloradoan: The negative factor: Why Colorado schools are crying poverty. April 4, 2017

Denver Post - Supreme Court Bolsters Rights of Learning-Disabled Students in Ruling in Colorado Case - Endrew F v Douglas County School District 1. March 28, 2017

Journal-Advocate: Colorado School Funding Facing 'Scary' Situation - recapping a presentation by one of CSFP's board members / Deputy Superintendent/Chief Financial Officer of Colorado Springs D-11. March 24, 2017

Video from KUSA 9News answering the question “I thought all that tax money from marijuana was supposed to take care of all this.”

Denver Post: Soaring home values mean Colorado homeowners get a tax cut. But local governments will be squeezed. January 13, 2017

KUNC - All Things Considered: Lawmakers Float Solutions to Colorado's School Funding Shortfall, January 18, 2017, an interview with Tracie Rainey (Executive Director, Colorado School Finance Project.