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Founded in 1995, the Colorado School Finance Project (CSFP) is a non-profit whose mission is to compile, collect and distribute research-based, non-partisan information and data on topics related to school finance for state and local policy makers.


September 2016:

CSFP Presentation Colorado Education Initiative STEM - September 2016


September 2016 Colorado Forecasts:


2016 District Elections - DRAFT - UPDATED 9/27/2016 - Subject to change as new information becomes available. Prior year election information is here.


Colorado School Finance Project presentation to CSFP Advisory Committee: Where did we leave off in May? Supplemental information for the presentation:

Information on the 2016 House, Senate & JBC school finance discussion is available here. Need & Size Factors and Tax Effort & Fiscal Capacity Report for Colorado school districts

Costing Out / Equity Work - CSFP and Augenblick, Palaich and Associates - Paying for educational excellence: Does Colorado provide schools with the resources to ensure all children receive the quality education they need to grow and succeed in the 21st century? Many Coloradoans agree the answer is "no." This fall, CSFP and APA are in the process of updating our Costing Out work.

Additional information on CSFP and APA's costing out work can be found here, (or click on the tab on the left: CSFP Research and then click on Costing Out Studies.)


Colorado Did You Know? School Finance video: link



August 2016

Colorado School Finance and Education Reform Timeline - from 2016-17 to 1982. Updated as of August 2016, new format.


Office of State Auditor: Colorado School District Fiscal Health Information Report Augut 2016: Trends over Fiscal Years 2013, 2014, 2015. Map from report: Districts with 2 or more warning indicators


2016 District Elections - DRAFT - UPDATED September/2016 - Subject to change as new iinformation becomes available. Tax Effort and Fiscal Capacity Report for Colorado School Districts includes Total Program Mills, Bond Mills, Total Override Mills, and Total Mills. Prior year election information is here.

CSFP Presentation Colorado Education Initiative STEM - August 2016

July 2016

CSFP presentation at CASE Conference 2016: Colorado's State Budget & K-12


The Gap in Per Pupil Spending 2012-13 (audited data so lags behind current data) document is here.

  • With the Negative Factor: Colorado spent $ -2,053 less than the U.S. Average, ranking 40th.
  • With No Negative Factor: Colorado would rank 28th, spending $ -816 less than the U.S. Average.


2016-17 District Budget Cut Conversations - DRAFT - UPDATED JULY/2016 - Subject to change as new information becomes available. Prior year District Budget Cut Conversations (FY 2009-10 through FY 2015-16, the negative factor years) is here.


U.S. Department of Education


June 2016

June 2016 Economic Forecast


CSFP Presentation at St. Vrain Valley School District - June 15, 2016


Categorical Funding: Federal, State, Local 2007-08 to 2013-14


Colorado 2014 Graduation Rate Lags Behind U.S. Average and in Every Student Subgroup


May 2016

Need & Size Factors and Tax Effort & Fiscal Capacity Report for Colorado school districts.

The Future of School Finance in Colorado: Joint Budget Committee, House & Senate Education - 2016 Legislation session - documents presented to the joint JBC and House & Senate Education committees.


April 2016

From Colorado Public Radio: In Colorado, School Funding Lags Despite a Booming Economy, by Jenny Brundin


CSFP Presentation to Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) Colorado STEM Network (CSN) April 2016 Conference Call.


CSFP Grand Junction Community Meeting - April 22


CSFP Grand Junction Advisory Meeting - Western Slope Superintendents - April 21


Panel Discussion: Takes a Team to Educate a Child, Eastern Colorado School Boards - handouts: April 19, 2016


Presentation at CSFP Advisory Committee Meeting: Discussion - School Finance Update, Mill Levy Discussion, Mesa County Ruling


March 2016

March 2016 Forecasts


Presentations at CSFP Advisory Meeting


CSFP presentation at Great Futures Action Summit: The Conundrum of School Finance


CSFP presentation to Weld County RE-1 Gilcrest: The Conundrum of School Finance, Planning School Budgets for the Future: All the Moving Parts

February 2016

Colorado Attorney General opinion on the constitutionality of a legislative proposal to create an enterprise that would administer Colorado's Hospital Provider Fee.


Seven Years of K-12 School Funding Cuts 2009-2016 (inclusive of mid-year, budget stabilization and negative factor) - February 2016


East Central BOCES Presentation: Article 10 Section 20 of the Constitution - Taxpayer Bill of Rights brief overview. Source documents:


CSFP presentation at CASE Conference February 2016: Nuts & Bolts


January 2016

Colorado STEM Network Web Meeting - January 2016 CSFP powerpoint

Quality Counts 2016 (2012-13 School Year, FY13) - Per Pupil Spending by State: Colorado ranks 42 of 51 in per pupil spending; spending $2,681 less than the U.S. Average of $11,667.



Note: Typically our Home page contains information from the last 6 months. We try to "roll off" information every month to our Historical Info page. The information is in chronological order, most recent first.

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